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Thursday, October 11, 2012
By Neil Gates
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Edgy Portraits

 "Edgy" Portraits... What are those??

Well, they are portraits that have kind of an "edgy" look! Usually of athletes, but could be for anyone who has an interest...skateboarder, dancer, musician, body builder....the sky's the limit!

I learned this technique from Joel Grimmes, who has photographed numerous celebrities, athletes and musicians. The work is just stunning to look at, and says so much about the person in the portrait. They are full of attitude, and this is certainly not your typical "smile for the camera" portrait! If you're looking for something totally different, this might be it!

The subject is photographed in the studio, either on a black or white backdrop (depending on which one will make the subject stand out more). After the session, we take a look at the images right there and then. The final image is chosen, and then I go to work creating the artwork. Sometimes the background is chosen by the client, but usually by me. After hours in Photoshop, a unique portrait is created. Since it's all done by hand (no actions or filters), EVERY portrait is different - there are so many variables, I just couldn't possibly create a second one like it (even if I wanted to!)


"Neil did an quality photo shoot which produce an incredible photo of our daughter. We liked the new "EDGY" look Neil was advertising and decided to give that a try. The photo shoot was thorough and efficent. The final outcome was this incredible photo of our daughter showing off her athletic side. Thanks Neil for a job well done." ~ Todd Hershey, Naperville IL


Call or email for more information. These portraits are created in the studio, so no travel, and no worries about the weather!

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