About Neil Gates Photography and Illustrations, Naperville IL

We can stop the clock. Memories are the most valuable thing we own...


Hello, my name is Neil Gates. I am a professional family photographer, and capturing special moments of your family and children is what I am passionate about. Having a family of my own, I can express first hand just how meaningful those portraits are of my children and family. In fact, they are priceless. My wife and I have two children, 12 and 10, and they are both changing before our very eyes!


Capturing their innocence and making a memory of the way my family is today through photography, is the only way I know how to freeze time. And yes, the portrait on this page is of my own family, which is proudly displayed above our fireplace, and we enjoy it everyday.


Every moment in your family's life exists only for a brief second - then it is gone forever.


I don't say that to depress you! Very much on the contrary. It's to help stress how precious and special each of their moments are. Life is busy, and things get crazy. In fact, life has probably been so hectic that you haven't had time to put much thought into having a family portrait created. But don't let that be your excuse!


The time is now! Don't look back someday and regret that you didn't. Your family will never be the same again. Please don't put this off, it's just too important.


"We have worked with Neil Gates Photography on a number of things over the course of many years. He took baby and toddler photos of my kids, he has taken family photos and senior photos of those same kids. He will likely take photos at their weddings, too!
The photos are always fabulous and he is so easy to work with! Nice, accommodating, fun. Thanks for the memories, Neil!"  ~  Kim Weeks, Naperville IL


Our Guarantee - 


We understand that it is not just a photograph, it's a piece of your life. From the planning sessions through the photography to the selection of your images, we work with you to create portraits that you will be thrilled with. And if you are not, we offer our iron-clad guarantee: If you are not thrilled with your portraits, (thrilled, not just satisfied), we will give you all your money back - no questions, and no hard feelings either!


Please call us now at 630-428-4540. There is no cost, and no obligation. I look forward to speaking with you soon!