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Friday, February 20, 2015
By Neil Gates
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Real Estate Photographs in HDR!

(Get Free Aerial Images!)




So, What in the World is HDR??


The letters in this photographic term stands for High Dynamic Range. Our eyes see far more than any camera can see, and that's why many times we are disappointed with our photographs. This is especially so when it comes to real estate images. The main issue is that we have strong sunlight streaming beautifully through our windows, but we have to make an exposure for either the shadows, the midtones, or the highlights. If we expose for the highlights (bright areas, like the windows), the rest of the image goes dark. If we expose for the shadows, the windows and bright areas get washed out, or blown out, as we call it. A midtone exposure is our best bet when it comes to real estate photos, but we still get blown out highlights and dark areas that don't have any detail.

So, smart people came up with high dynamic range photography, which is.....AWESOME!!!!!

By taking 5 separate images (with the camera on a tripod to keep everything in line), we can merge the 5 exposures into one final photograph. The 5 exposures are taken for the highlights, midtones and shadows, resulting in an image that looks more like what our eyes saw in "real life".

I have been messing around with HDR since it first came out about 6 or 7 years ago, and I believe I've found the right recipe, if you will! HDR, or high dynamic range has changed how realtors and builders can show their homes online. You can make your listings stand out from the others!

I've studied my craft for years and years now, and I believe my product improves all the time. Do yourself, and most importantly, your client a favor by hiring Neil Gates Photography to photograph your listed homes for the MLS and other marketing pieces. I guarentee your seller will notice, and feel proud that they hired YOU to sell their home for them. It shows that you didn't cut corners, and that you truly are commited to getting them a buyer as quickly as possible. Save your point and shoot or DSLR for the kids and grandkids, and let me take care of the tough stuff!


How Much is it??

Easy answer - $150 - $295, depending on the distance.

Naperville area is $150, and Gurnee or South Holland is $295. Anywhere in the middle is $225.


Bonus! Since I am also a Realtor at Chase Real Estate in Naperville, I have access to your clients' homes with my Sentricard. No need to schedule times around when they will be home!

Purchase a photography package and receive

4 Aerial Photographs....for FREE!!


So, share this awesome service with the others in your office or team, and we'll be on our way to making your properties shine online!

Please contact me at 630-528-0497 (mobile),, or Click Here









































FREE Aerial Photographs with Purchase of HDR Package!

(I do not charge for Aerial Images...they are Free!)




Please do not call me at 630-528-0497 for just aerial photographs.




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