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Thursday, March 13, 2014
By Neil Gates
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3D Product Illustrations

When photographs maybe aren't an option, Neil Gates Photography offers the best 3D product illustrations in the industry. Often known as "renderings", illustrations can show aspects of products that just can't be seen in a photograph. Examples of this are exploded views and concept products.

Sony Diskman created with traditional method of airbrushes                               Ear Buds rendering ilustration created digitally




Our incredible artist, Mat, is the most talented illustrator that I have ever met. With over 25 years commercial experience creating product and technical images in advertising, manufacturing, architecture and publishing. Mat began all those years ago with hand drawn illustrations and technical line, mostly with air brushes. As the industry changed, and clients needed digital files, he spent almost a whole year learning how to create his artwork digitally. Matthew is most certainly at the top of the list for many companies needing illustrations, such as Shure, IBM, Bausch & Lomb, Gillette International, Pfiser UK, Readers Digest, Sony UK, and the list goes on and on!

Rendered illustrations are a difficult, time consuming, and often a more expensive process. Therefore, illustrations might only want to be chosen when product photography really isn't the best option.

Mat's traditional artwork can be viewed here         Digital illustrations can be viewed here  



Here, the model is created for Shure Ear Bud Headphones...


The final product...


3D product Illustrations and Renderings, Chicago, Naperville, Western Suburbs